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August 28, 2007

Placer County Homes for Rent

An interesting dilemma that people face in Placer County is that there is no centralized database of homes for rent.

This makes searching for a rental property a relatively inefficient process when compared to searching for a home to buy. It also makes it difficult for renters to comparison shop rent rates and research what other properties have rented for in the past.

Metrolist MLS only allows properties to be listed for sale and does not allow for rental listings. I think a great opportunity exists for Metrolist, if they were to open up a section of the MLS for rental listings. This would allow for a renters, landlords, property managers and Realtors to make better decisions regarding rent prices and income property values.

While I can hope that at some point Metrolist will implement a rental MLS, I doubt that it will occur anytime soon. The idea simply seems too simple and logical for me to be the first person to think it up, which makes me think that it must have been rejected at some point in the past.

While I do not work as a property manager, I am occasionally asked by clients if I have access to homes for rent.

Typically, I refer these clients to a few websites that are incomplete databases of homes for rent, but are the best sources I know of. The list of websites I would search for rental properties in Placer County include:

  1. Sacramento Craigslist Rental Section Craigslist is the first place I send clients looking for rental properties, because it seems to have the largest database of rental listings in one place. You are likely to find properties listed on Craigslist that are listed both by property management companies and owners.
  2. Sacramento Bee Rental Classifieds The Sacramento Bee classifieds were for years the only place in town to find rental properties, other than by driving around looking for signs or talking with a property manager. While it may not have as large of a market share as it once had, it is still a good place to look for rentals.
  3. Gold Country Classifieds Rental Section The Gold Country Classifieds serve numerous local newspapers from Colfax to Roseville over to Folsom. It is not a large classified section, but it often has rentals that are not advertised in other newspapers or online, especially in Auburn.
  4. Sacramento Self Help Property Manager Directory The Sacramento Self Help directory has a great list of property management websites. Many of the websites have the companies rental listings available online. I could have included all of the property management websites on the list, but it would have been a bit too drawn out.

Other than these websites, the next best way to find rental properties in the area you are interested in would be to simply drive around looking for signs. While it is not the most efficient process, it may result in you finding a rental property that is not otherwise advertised.

If there are any other good rental property websites that you can think of that others may find useful, please leave a comment with a link to the site. Of course this applies to Placer County and the surrounding counties of Sacramento, El Dorado, Nevada and Yolo Counties.


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tony rivera Says:
Truett Neathery, Appraiser Says:

I assume you are talking about SFRs. Accessing classifieds many times is a dead end, as most of the ads are posted by owners who are not at home when you call, or refuse info unless you are a prospective renter.

I normally decline to do a rent survey unless the property is under professional management. I would not be able to charge anywhere near enough if I have to drive around neighborhood, mark down phone #s and contact the owner. Even then, some so-called "Property Managers" are just rent collectors, and would not know what a "Comparable" rental is anyway.

Patrick Hake Says:


I agree with you when it comes to performing a rental survey.

Classifieds are bit to unorganized and the information could not be properly verified.

The article was written for people looking to rent homes in the area.

It would be nice if there was a central rental database, but unfortunately there isn't.

Thank you for your comments :)

Art Ruiz Says:

Home for rent 2b,2b,2car garage in Lincoln close to schools and downtown. 1,100 per Month 1,000 Deposit 916 869-5161

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