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March 06, 2009

Hooray, I'm Now a Broker!

I have been quite busy lately with business, and in an effort to make my life even more hectic I decided in January that it was time that I got my brokers license.

I finished the 8 classes necessary to take the exam last year and have 4 years more experience than the state requires, but I have been so busy over the last year that I had not scheduled the exam.

I took the test last month and passed it in my first shot. I will say that I was not sure that I passed after taking it. But I did pass the exam and I just checked the DRE licensing website and I am officially a real estate broker as of March 3rd. You can see for yourself Here.

As with most state licensing exams, the information they test you on is not very practical and is more of a test of your test-taking prowess than your true on-the-job knowledge. Luckily for me, I have always been good at tests, so I was spared the torture of having to take the exam twice.

Now that I am a broker, it does not change how I can interact with clients or what I can do for them. What it does allow me to do is sell real estate with no supervision and possibly open my own brokerage.

I started my career working under my mother and father in their brokerage Realty World Connection, which has now been folded into RE/MAX Gold. Through that experience I learned that running your own brokerage is much less appealing than it appears on the surface.

It is very easy to get tied up with managing agents, hiring staff, coordinating an office and dealing with the legalities of being a broker. It can also be very expensive.

Rather than dealing with those issues, I have decided to continue my focus on helping my clients buy and sell real estate.

I will leave the headaches of running an office to the folks at RE/MAX Gold. They do a great job and they help me provide a better service to my clients.

But, if I should ever feel the need to go my own way in the future, I now have the Department of Real Estate's blessing to do so.


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