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January 16, 2011

20 Places to Find Deals Online In California


California is a great place to live, it can also be an expensive place to live unless you know how to sniff out the hot local deals. While coupons are no unique thing, we are used to getting them in the mail, and at best they're just grocery coupons on items you don't really need or want. I've taken some of my time to collect the best places to find sweet deals in our beautiful state, and feel free to contribute by leaving your deals in my comments.

5 Places To Find Group Deals In California:

Groupon.com - You have without a doubt seen a Groupon ad by now, or at least heard about the fastest growing company in history. Groupon is a deal sharing site that allows groups of people to save insane amounts of money on various local businesses. I personally use it for taking the office out to lunch, as well taking the family to a new restaurant. There are many other group deals other than food here, so just log on and select your city and enjoy the deals!

Socialbuy.com - Another popular group buying site that mirrors Groupon and is populated with tons of interesting and unique bargains. They're more prevalent in the popular cities, so you rural living folks might not find a deal on here....but it's worth a shot! It works the same and all you need to do is get your zip code in and you're off to the races. I find that you can find more unique group buys here than other sites, so definitely check it out.

GroupDollars.com - A Northern California group deal site that has been gaining a lot of popularity as of late. I really like the effort put into hitting the smaller cities up here in the north. I use it to find fun stuff to do here in Sacramento, but they cover a couple dozen other local areas within the area.

BuyWithMe.com - Yet another group deal site that is gaining popularity although they're only in a select list of large cities. If you're in the Los Angeles area then you're in luck because this site is swimming with great local deals. You'll find a huge range of savings on various things to do here in this great city, and expect to save anywhere from 50-90%!

DailyDealster.com - With deals in over 50 major cities in America, you can bet there is a lot of California related savings here. The company behind this group saving site has a huge network of coupons and savings and provides one powerful online platform for savings. I find their deal finding service to be really easy to use and the daily emails I get for savings is by far my favorite.

5 Places To Find Restaurant Deals in California:

Restaurant.com - As if this didn't seem obvious enough right? While you can find consumer reviews of restaurants here, you can also find a plethora of food deals all over California. I prefer using this site because I can look up legit reviews all the while snagging coupons for each restaurant.

Where2Eat.com - This is another excellent website that offers tons of restaurant reviews packed with the latest and greatest coupons. While its database isn't as large the previous site mentioned, it still have enough savings to keep your family eating out all week long! The only other downside to this site is its appearance...it's not as reader friendly as others but take some time to scour the savings offered on here because you never know what you'll find.

Valpak.com - This is an excellent money saving resource for great food all over California, and all you need to do is plug in your zip code and go. They seem to have a never ending database of the latest restaurant coupons here and I find myself using their service once a month with great success.

Restauranteur.com - I highly enjoy how this site is laid out for our great state. You can pick your city off of the handy map that's provided which makes finding a restaurant coupon a breeze. The selection is pretty decent as well, but you'll find more mainstream restaurants here.

Zagat Exclusives - This is the one site I'm keeping my eye heavily on these days. While we all know what Zagat is, they've recently built this group buying platform for restaurants which I think is going to be fantastic. You can currently find deals in Los Angeles, but more and more cities will be piling on as the year plays out. Definitely add this site to your bookmarks and check back often.

5 Places To Find Grocery Deals in California:

ShopAtHome.com - This site is a goldmine..literally! You can easily find thousands of printable coupons for groceries here in California. I could almost stop writing tips for this section except I wouldn't make it to twenty...the site is that good.

Coupon Doubling in California - This nifty little gem found on About.com covers all sorts of grocery coupons, and this is specifically for coupon doubling. What are double coupons you ask? Particular stores will double the face value of regular coupons for a limited time, on a particular day of the week, or throughout the duration of a special sale period.

GroceryCoupons.com - This is a neat and easy to use site for finding grocery coupons all over the country, and of course all over California. They have online deals as well as printable coupons you can bring to the store with you.

TheCouponClippers.com - This is just another grocery coupon database that makes it easy to find deals based on zip codes. The sites not as big as it used to be, but still has good grocery deals you can snag easily.

ClickMyCoupon.com - I really like the formatting of this site because they have a great California section. You can select your city easily from this section and find all sorts of grocery coupons. Get ready to save!

5 Other Places To Find Deals In California:

RetailMeNot.com - This is my favorite coupon/deal site in general and they nicely have a section for our great state. You can find coupons by store name which makes it easy to tackle your shopping a little quicker.

California Coupons @ About.com - This is another great section on About.com that deals specifically with coupons based in California. It is updated monthly which is great, and the section usually has a lot of unique deals you cannot find anywhere else.

DestinationCoupons.com - California is a great place to travel about, and it offers a diverse set of sites to see. This site lists all the latest travel coupons here, and is one of the few places I could find that offered travel deals anywhere in California.

GolfPage.com - I recently found out about this site and I've been a monthly return visitor. This place lists all of NorCal's golf discounts and lets you play some of the finest courses in the country at a discount rate. You'd be hard pressed to not find a golfer within your family, or amongst your circle of friends, so let them know about this one!

LivingSocial.com - This is one of my favorite daily deal sites that is nearly as popular as Groupon. You can find so many interesting deals throughout many California cities, and all you need is your zip code. The smaller towns might not have much luck here yet, but give it some time as they popularity grows.

Hopefully this list will help you folks save a good deal of money within California, especially in this day and age. I'll remind you folks to list coupons in CA that I didn't list here, and of course only ones that are appropriate and on topic. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2011 and keep the savings coming!


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